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What happened so far in One Piece Manga Chapter 1109

One Piece Chapter 1109 is coming soon. The Egghead Island arc has been a huge success and is the start of the final part of the series. Fans have been very excited about the latest chapters. The Egghead Island arc is amazing and is now at its most exciting part. However, it won’t last much longer. A very important chapter, chapter 1109, is coming out soon and will be very important for the future of One Piece. This chapter is a big deal because it will reveal secrets about the Void Century, something fans have been waiting for many years. In addition, there will be an exciting fight between Luffy, Kizaru, and Saturn.

One Piece is a very popular story that has a big secret called the Void Century. The creator of the story, Oda, has been hiding this secret for many years. Even after more than two decades of storytelling, fans still do not know much about it. The closest fans came to finding out about the secrets of the Void Century was during the Enies Lobby Arc, but the people who knew about it were killed before they could reveal anything important. After that, the World Government erased Ohara from the map, and the secret was safe once again.

One Piece Ohara destroyed 1109

What can we expect in One Piece Chapter 1109?

In One Piece chapter 1109, fans are finally going to find out the truth about the Void Century through Dr. Vegapunk. In the last chapter, Dr. Vegapunk is about to die, but before he can, he decides to announce to the whole world. He revealed technology that could transmit his message all over the world, and in this message, he made it quite clear that he would reveal the truth to the entire world, even if it would be unbelievable to those who hear it.


It is still not clear what exactly Vegapunk will reveal, but he will likely talk about some of the information that was touched upon in the previous arc. Vegapunk knows what Ohara knew, and he also knows the name of the ancient kingdom from long ago.


One Piece Chapter 1109 Spoiler

  • Please note that the following text contains spoilers for chapter 1109 of the manga series One Piece. The information was obtained from a video-sharing app called TikTok.


  • The chapter begins with a story about a place called Onigashima, which is sinking into the ocean like the Titanic. We then see a message from a scientist named Vegapunk, which is being broadcast to the world. Vegapunk tells everyone that they should prepare their video communication devices, called Den Den Mushi.


  • Next, we see people from all over the world turning on their communication devices, just like they would during a World Cup final. The story then introduces several characters, including Morgan, Vivi, and Wapol.


  • The chapter also features a group of five important people called the Gorosei. They are trying to figure out where the message is coming from.


  • After the world prepares for the broadcast, the story goes back to Egghead. Kizaru, tries to attack Luffy, but Luffy dodges Kizaru’s attacks. At the same time, Luffy fights also against Saturn.


  • Saturn seems to be invincible, so Luffy decides to flatten both Saturn and Kizaru like pancakes and throw them far away. Saturn is not hurt by the attack and can summon the Gorosei by using a mysterious power called summoning circles.


  • Overall, this chapter of One Piece is full of action and suspense. Fans of the series will be excited to see what happens next.

The manga is finally out, watch the manga at Mangasaki.

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