One Piece Manga Chapter 1106

One Piece Manga Chapter 1106 Kizaru and Saturn.png
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Short summary of One Piece Manga Chapter 1106

In Chapter 1106 of One Piece,  a significant development unfolds as Jewelry Bonney takes control of the Pacifistas, thanks to a secret program installed by Dr. Vegapunk, which places her at the top of their authority hierarchy, even above the Gorosei. This twist allows Bonney and her allies to turn the tables against the Marines, including Admiral Kizaru, who is temporarily thwarted by Luffy’s Gear 5 intervention. The chapter also highlights the dramatic entrance of Dorry and Brogy, who come to Luffy’s aid and acknowledge him as the Sun God

Luffy Gear 5

In this scene, Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, has just finished eating, and to the surprise of the Marines surrounding him, he quickly digests everything. The Marines try to restrain him with Seastone, which is a substance that can weaken Devil Fruit users. However, Luffy transforms into Gear Fifth and blows them away before they can apprehend him.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1106 Bonney, the last hope

Meanwhile, Dr. Vegapunk contacts Atlas and asks her to relay a message to Bonney. Bonney orders the Pacifista to not attack them and to instead help them escape the island. To everyone’s shock, the Pacifista opens fire on the Marines and Saturn. It is revealed that Dr. Vegapunk had programmed all of Kuma’s clones to obey Bonney, and this authority surpasses even that of the Five Elders. He knew that this secret would have severe consequences, especially for him, and Saturn impaled Dr. Vegapunk with his leg for this act of defiance.

Bonney and Franky watch in horror as Saturn orders Kizaru to kill them all. However, Luffy arrives on the scene and saves everyone by punching Kizaru away. He also turns the ground rubber so that everyone lands safely. Bonney rushes to Dr. Vegapunk’s side as the Iron Giant starts to stir again. She hears the sound of Luffy’s heartbeat, which sounds like the tune Kuma taught her. Dr. Vegapunk tells her that he now does not doubt that Luffy is the Sun God Nika, a being worshipped by people all over the world. He also declares that the Buster Call, a military attack that could destroy an entire island, is a trivial problem for Luffy now because everyone has been praying for his return.


The Giants Dorry and Brogy

As the Straw Hats try to escape the island, the Marines report that an enormous ship has arrived on the northeast coast. It turns out to be Dorry and Brogy, two giants who have come to rescue the Straw Hats. They refer to Luffy as the Sun God and declare that they will help him in any way they can.

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