Netflix’s One Piece: A Deep Dive into Epic Sets

One Piece Baratie - Epic sets
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Netflix’s adaptation of the beloved manga, One Piece, has garnered significant attention. Richard Bridgland, the production designer, faced the colossal task of bringing Eiichiro Oda’s vast world to life. The sheer scale of the manga was both intimidating and inspiring, with Bridgland comparing the design process to crafting four separate feature films for every two episodes.

The Challenge of Bringing Manga to Life

Bridgland’s journey began with an appreciation of the manga’s expansive universe. The challenge? Translating the diverse settings of the East Blue Saga into tangible sets. As fans would know, Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures span various locations, from Kaya’s mansion in Syrup Village to the iconic Baratie restaurant and the sinister Arlong Park.


Iconic Locations Unveiled

Kaya’s Mansion: A Glimpse into the Unknown

The manga never ventures inside Kaya’s mansion, leaving its interiors a mystery. Bridgland, however, envisioned a rich backstory. Drawing inspiration from Kaya’s family history of shipbuilding, he imagined the mansion walls adorned with paintings of ships, hinting at the family’s legacy. A unique touch? Two carved penguins at the staircase’s base, adding that quintessential One Piece charm. The dining room, covered in porcelain plates, tells another tale. Pirates, lacking cash, would pay for ships with valuable items, like porcelain plates. The mansion’s kitchen has its own story, ingeniously transformed from an abandoned indoor swimming pool, showcasing Bridgland’s creativity. Read more about Kaya’s Mansion.


Baratie Restaurant: A Pirate’s Culinary Dream

Baratie, a floating restaurant with a fish head facade, is a delightful blend of 18th-century pirate aesthetics and modern design. Bridgland imagined Chef Zeff, a former pirate turned restaurateur, crafting Baratie from his ship and other salvaged vessels. The restaurant’s unique design, inspired by a floating eatery in Vietnam, showcases the perfect amalgamation of history and fantasy.


Arlong Park: Where Fun Meets Fear

Arlong Park, with its carnival-like atmosphere, is a deceptive paradise. While it offers fun and games, it also hides the sinister nature of its inhabitants. Bridgland envisioned Arlong raiding a carnival and using the spoils to create his base. This setting, surrounded by a forest and featuring an old kidney-shaped pool, perfectly captures the essence of Arlong’s character.


The Map Room: Prison or Library?

Arlong’s map room is a masterpiece of design. Serving as Nami’s prison, its stone walls and shark head decorations exude an aura of captivity. Yet, it also houses Nami’s extensive map collection, resembling a library. This dual-purpose design sets the stage for the epic showdown between Luffy and Arlong.


The Essence of the Going Merry

The Going Merry, Luffy’s iconic ship, needed a design that resonated with fans while being realistic. Bridgland’s solution? A laughing ram’s head figurehead, capturing Luffy’s indomitable spirit. Details like Nami’s cabin, adorned with custom-designed tangerine-patterned curtains and stained glass, further showcase Bridgland’s meticulous attention to detail.

One Piece Going Merry - Epic sets

Behind the Scenes: Unexpected Set Locations

From transforming an abandoned mansion to repurposing an indoor swimming pool, Bridgland’s innovative approach to set design is evident. Each location, whether it’s Kaya’s mansion or Arlong Park, tells a story, adding depth and authenticity to the live-action adaptation.

Final Thoughts: Crafting a World Beyond Imagination

Adapting One Piece into a live-action series was no small feat. Yet, with a blend of creativity, dedication, and a deep understanding of the source material, Bridgland and his team have crafted a world that’s both familiar and refreshingly new. Dive into this captivating universe, now streaming on Netflix.

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