Edward Newgate: The Legend of Whitebeard

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Edward Newgate: The Legend of Whitebeard


Edward Newgate, renowned as „Whitebeard“, stands as a monumental figure in the world of piracy. Known as the „Strongest Man in the World“ and the „Man Closest to One Piece“ post Gol D. Roger’s demise, his reputation precedes him. Before establishing his own formidable crew, Newgate’s origins trace back to the island of Sphinx, where he was an orphan and a notable member of the formidable Rocks Pirates.

Early Life and Aspirations

Growing up as an orphan, Newgate’s life was marred by hardships. Poverty was a constant shadow, but it was during these trying times that he developed a profound desire for a family. Unlike many pirates who dreamt of treasure chests filled with gold and jewels, Newgate’s idea of treasure was different. He valued the bond of family above all else, a sentiment that would shape his future endeavors.

The Rise of Whitebeard

From the humble beginnings of an orphaned child to ascending the ranks of piracy, Newgate’s journey is nothing short of legendary. Establishing the Whitebeard Pirates, he soon became a dominant force, exerting his rule over the New World. His unique perspective on treasure, prioritizing family over material wealth, became the cornerstone of his leadership. This philosophy attracted many to his side, leading to the formation of a crew that was more of a family than a band of pirates.

Key Relationships and Rivalries

Whitebeard’s life was intertwined with many significant figures in the world of piracy. His relationship with Gol D. Roger was complex, marked by rivalry yet underpinned by mutual respect. Their encounters were legendary, setting the seas ablaze with their battles. Yet, amidst the skirmishes, a bond of camaraderie and respect was evident.

Another noteworthy relationship was with Monkey D. Luffy. Whitebeard’s interactions with Luffy were marked by intrigue and admiration. Having heard tales of Luffy from both Ace and Shanks, Whitebeard’s interest was piqued. As they crossed paths, Luffy’s fierce tenacity earned Whitebeard’s respect. The young pirate’s potential was evident, leading Whitebeard to believe that Luffy might just be the one the world has been waiting for. Their bond was further solidified during the intense battles at Marineford, where they fought side by side.

Whitebeard’s crew was his family, and among them, certain individuals stood out. Marco, for instance, was perhaps the closest to Whitebeard, acting as his right-hand man. Their bond was evident during the Marineford War, where Marco was constantly by Whitebeard’s side, shielding him from threats and executing his orders.

Legacy and Influence

Whitebeard’s influence on the Great Pirate Era is undeniable. His actions, especially during the Summit War of Marineford, left an indelible mark on the world. Known as the „Strongest Man in the World“, his reputation was not just about his physical strength but also his ideals. His belief in family and his vision of treasure resonated with many, inspiring a new generation of pirates.

Whitebeard and his crew

The Final Days

Whitebeard’s health was in decline, but even in his weakened state, his power was unmatched. During the Marineford War, he faced off against admirals like Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu. After Akainu took Ace’s life, Whitebeard’s wrath was unparalleled. He retaliated fiercely, showcasing his immense power and causing significant destruction. His reputation was such that his mere declaration of Fish-Man Island being his territory kept slave traders and pirates at bay. The world believed that if Whitebeard wished, he could end it.

Echoes in the Waves

Whitebeard’s influence extended far beyond his crew and territories. His interactions with other significant figures in the pirate world were a testament to his stature. He had a complex relationship with Blackbeard, who was once a member of his crew. Their relationship took a dark turn when Blackbeard killed Thatch and captured Ace, leading to the events of Marineford. Whitebeard’s disdain for Blackbeard was evident, especially when he declared that Blackbeard was not the true successor to Roger.

His interactions with other Emperors were also of note. Kaidou, another Emperor, had a mixed relationship with Whitebeard. While they did not provoke each other under normal circumstances, Kaidou did attempt to eliminate Whitebeard before the Summit War. Shanks, on the other hand, held immense respect for Whitebeard. Their meeting, where Shanks offered sake for a conversation, showcased the mutual respect between the two powerful pirates.

Whitebeard’s past as a member of the Rocks Pirates was not something he often spoke about. However, his time with the crew shaped many of his future relationships, especially with figures like Big Mom and Kaidou.

Legacy Beyond Death

Whitebeard’s death sent shockwaves throughout the world. His territories became vulnerable, with many, like Fish-Man Island, seeking protection from other Emperors. Blackbeard, seizing the opportunity, took over many of Whitebeard’s territories, further establishing his dominance. Despite his death, Whitebeard’s legacy lived on. His belief in the One Piece and his final words ignited a new wave of pirates to set out to sea, searching for the legendary treasure.

His relationship with his supposed biological son, Edward Weevil, and his self-proclaimed lover, Miss Bakkin, added another layer to his legacy. While their claims remain unconfirmed, their pursuit of Whitebeard’s fortune and their hunt for his allies showcase the lasting impact of Whitebeard’s name.

The Man Who Shook the World

Whitebeard’s life was a testament to his strength, both physical and of character. His belief in family, his vision of treasure, and his indomitable spirit made him a legend in the world of One Piece. Even in death, his influence remains, shaping the course of the world and inspiring a new generation of pirates.

Whitebeard final moments at summit war

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